YouTube Lockpicking Stand and Practice Locks

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Here is the most talked about lock picking practice kit on the internet!

Created by Lock Pickers Mall in 2008 and introduced on YouTube. It’s been their hottest selling item ever since. Learning to pick locks is challenging but rewarding, and to develop the skill you need to practice with lock cylinders that have different pinning combinations, and you need quality tools (buying cheap lock picks is counter productive). This kit is ideal for beginners and intermediate students or hobbyists alike. It includes their best practice lock stand, along with a big assortment of excellent practice locks.

You can’t learn lockpicking with books alone. While they certainly help, only practice can help you acquire skill. The YouTube Practice Kit sells so well because it is a perfect choice. Why? Because it has everything you need.

Here is exactly what you are getting in the YouTube Practice Kit:

  • 1 x Tripik II – The best lock stand, sold regularly for $58.55 USD
  • 1 x Cut-Away 5-Pinned, KW, sold every day for $39.95 USD
  • 1 x Cut-Away 5-pinned, SC, sold every day for $40.95 USD
  • 2 x Standard 5-pinned, KW, worth $59.90 USD
  • 2 x Standard 5-pinned, SC, worth $61.90 USD

Purchased individually these items would cost you over $250 USD. Buy this kit and pay half that!

Please note: Color of various parts of the TriPik-II Stand may vary from the images shown. You may receive a stand with colors other than what is illustrated.

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