Sparrows – Widget Picks

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Sparrows Widget Picks

This set of picks is designed to by pass a number of different locks. The set includes a long thin by-pass driver to unlock open keyway push button locks. Think traditional bathroom locks like the Easy set. The set also comes with several lever picks for defeating the older Schlage F series locks that have an open hole on the side. This flaw allows the lever pick to gain access to the internals of the lock through the side of the handle. By tripping the internals the lock will open. A wafer breaker is also included so that security wafers in Smart Key locks (and others) can be punched allowing the driver pick access to the internals to open the lock. The wafer breaker will also work on padlocks. The last tool is a very thin shim for popping open older Weslocks that have the offset push button lock. These are very identifiable by the traditional rose handle design.

Includes: Mini Hard Case