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Pocket Lock Pick Sets (Jackknife) – JPXS-6

**** Improved Version of the JPXS-6

Like the Original JPXS-6 Jackknife, our new generation Jackknife Lock Pick Set features a lightweight and durable precision-machined aluminum handle.  Our new handles, however, been run through our signature finishing process for rounded, smooth edges, and have been anodized a matte black for a sleek finish.

Our new JPXS-6 features U.S. stainless steel lock picks (0.020” thick), knurled stainless steel screw with locking o-ring, and a stainless tension tool, which slides into the handle for a sleek, compact fit.  The set also features a Lucky Line brand Flex-O-Loc keyring.  Actual size 3 1/2″” long and 1/4″” thick.

The Folding Lock Pick Set includes:

  1. Half Diamond Pick
  2. Half Single Ball Pick
  3. Snake Rake Pick
  4. Long Hook Pick
  5. Short Hook Pick
  6. Rapter Pick
  7. Thick Tension Wrench

The JPXS-6 Jackknife Lock Pick Set, an overnight success, has become our signature product. The finest set of its kind, the JPXS-6 now features improvements that bring it to near perfection; tempered stainless steel picks, knurled stainless steel set screw for a positive lockup, and a hard alloy handle for increased durability. Actual size 3 1/2″” long and 1/4″” thick.

(Also called Jack Knife)

**** Individual parts available sold separately, including stainless steel replacement screw

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