Peterson – Talon Pick Set – ENP

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The Peterson 10-95 Carbon Spring Steel version of our TALON Pick Set is for our friends who want a small, high quality every day carry set that fits easily in a pocket. Our nylon case is often copied – but Peterson’s padded version is far more comfortable, functional and robust compared to cheap imitations that use poorly cut cardboard for a stiffener. You can also purchase this set in Government Steel; which means it is even more forgiving of harsh treatment. Does it cost a little more? Sure – but at the end of the day, in addition to allowing you to pick better, Government Steel will save you money by outlasting other picks. Contents: 5 Picks (two are in Gov steel: all have handles). Pick Contents: DR-ENP Double Rake H1-ENP Hook 1 HD-ENP Hooked Diamond BG-1 GSP Bogie-1 GSP BG-2-18 GSP Bogie-2 in 0.018 GSP TT Contents: SIX Gov Steel tension tools. TTS = Turning Tool – Straight (no flex) Legend: for first turning tool is: 0.100 wide, 5 inches long, and 0.020 thick. straight 1 TTS-100-5.20 straight 2 TTS-120-4.20 straight 3 TTS-120-4.30 straight 4 TTS-120-5.30 straight 5 TTS-120-4.25 straight 6 TTS-120-5.25