Peterson – Ghost Pick Set – ENP

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The Peterson 10-95 Carbon Spring Steel version of our GHOST Pick Set is for our friends who want a small, high quality every day carry set that fits easily in a pocket. Our nylon case is often copied – but our padded version is far more comfortable, functional and robust compared to cheap imitations. You can also purchase this set in Government Steel The Government Steel means it will be even more forgiving of harsh treatment. Does it cost a little more? Sure – but in addition to allowing you to pick better, Government Steel will save you money by outlasting other picks. Contents: 6 of our 10-95 Carbon Spring Steel with handles. H1-ENP Hook 1 H5-ENP Hook 5 PR-ENP Peterson Reach BG-1 GSP Bogie series 1 in 0.025 BG-2-18 GSP Bogie series 2 in 0.018 LR-ENP Long Ripple Our position on turning tools is that the picker would rather put a flex twist exactly where they want it. So instead of creating hundreds of flex positions we provide a selection of HIGH QUALITY Government Steel Turning Tools that the user can adjust to their personal needs. Contents: SEVEN Gov Steel tension tools – including one Prybar Light no teeth. TTS = Turning Tool – Straight (no flex) Legend: for first tool: 0.100 wide, 5 inches long, 0.020 thick. straight 1 TTS-100-5.20 straight 2 TTS-120-4.20 straight 3 TTS-120-4.30 straight 4 TTS-120-5.30 straight 5 TTS-120-4.25 straight 6 TTS-120-5.25 PPB-LT-NT Pry Bar Lite no teeth