Multipick – Flex Hammer Set (I & II)

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Flex-Hammer I

The extreme flexibility and elasticity of the hammer handle allows the bump key to “jump” back out of the keyway immediately after being hit. This effect is very positive in the technique of bumping and we therefore recommend this hammer for beginners and people using common bumping technique.

Flex-Hammer II

The handle of this bump hammer is less flexible. The hammer is for all those users who already master or want to master the advanced bumping technique of “cushioned bumps”. Here the bump key is held between thumb and index finger. When hitting the bump key the fingers act as a cushion against the cylinder, again allowing the key to “jump” back out. Weight : 74 g Length: 210 mm

During our tests these complementary characteristics of both hammers meant that we effectively needed significantly less tries to open a wide range of different cylinders.


Special characteristics:

  • comfortable, non-slip handle
  • heavy, round plastic head allows exact and well aimed hits from different angles
  • well balanced weight repartition