GSR Enterprises – The Cyclops Practice Lock Stand

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Here is the finest Practice Lock Stand we have to offer expressly for Cut Away Practice Locks (key-in-knob style). The innovative design allows an unobstructed view of the Practice Lock, holding it snuggly at any angle you might prefer.

The durable PVC head is milled precisely in such a way as to reveal the entire right or left side of the cylinder (your choice as this stand is thoroughly capable of working for left-handers as well as right-handers). It is attached to a ball and socket joint, which means you can set the lock at any angle and at several forward/backward positions as well. Practicing with locks upside-down and sideways is highly advised as you will often find them in these positions out in the field. A large LOCKING KNOB on the side of the ball and socket clamp firmly locks the head and prevents movement as you work with the Practice Lock.

The oversized base is made of solid aluminum, giving the stand plenty of stability whether you use it free-standing or mounted to a flat surface with the double-sided adhesive squares that are included.

Accepts all of our “Pcy” series Practice Locks, standard or cut away.

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