GSR Enterprises – LockSport-Pro Multi Functional Practice Lock Stand

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An Innovative All Purpose Stand Designed For Picking, Impressioning and Bumping Practice

Never before has there been a practice stand/system designed expressly for locksport hobbyists, locksmith students and lock picking aficionados with truly multi-functional capability. This stand, a hybrid of several recently introduced models which are now retired (this one trumps them all!), is able to withstand the rigors that come with practice sessions and competition meets where lock picking, key impressioning and lock bumping is regularly executed.

The stand is available with or without an accessory Heavy Duty Table Clamp (choose this option if you want a system that gives you several mounting options — important especially if you will be taking the stand with you to competition meets or to have on the road while you travel).

Why is this product worthy of such praise? Here are a few reasons:

  • Tough enough to withstand the forces often used in key impressioning practice and lock bumping practice
  • Lightweight, yet amazingly durable
  • Easy to set up
  • For lock picking practice, the stand can be used either free standing or attached to a surface with included double-sided mounting tape
  • For key impressioning and/or lock bumping practice, the stand can be mounted to a bench or table with included mounting screws, or . . .
  • For portable-yet-super-secure mounting (for all manner of uses), a Heavy Duty Table Clamp is available as an add-on option
  • Accepts a wide variety of commonly used practice lock cylinder types (see list below)
  • Tough, solid PVC forms the “head” of the stand – giving just enough “give” to avoid damage to your practice locks
  • The base is made of solid aluminum which is pre-drilled and threaded to accept the optional table clamp
  • Steel thumb-screws with over-sized plastic grips (4 per stand included) can be used in several different configurations to hold locks securely

Here is a partial list of the practice lock cylinders this stand is designed to accept:

Cam Lock (wafer or tubular style)
Mortise Cylinder
KIK (key-in-knob) Style Cylinder – cutaway or standard
Rim Cylinder
Small Format I-Core Cylinder
Large Format I-Core Cylinder
Euro-Style Profile Cylinder (single or double keyed)

Please note that a special “cam proxy spacer” is supplied with each stand. This is used when practicing with cam locks, as the cam or tailpiece must be removed to allow the lock to turn within the stand’s port. We have these on the site as an individual product in case you need more. Mortise cylinders with cams attached can be used in the stand but the plug will only rotate partially — which is enough to confirm that the lock has been successfully picked or a key successfully impressioned.