DINO – Li-ion Electric Lock Pick

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The Newest Revolutionary Innovation in Electric Picks!

This pick is equipped with the newest rechargeable battery technology, the Li-ion battery. Unlike the older tehnology Ni-Cad batteries used for years Li-ion batteries can last for years.  Depending on use and abuse, these batteries will all eventually die and will cease to accept a charge.  If this is of concern to you, we suggest the E500XT electric pick.  The E500XT electric picks are hand made in the USA and take simple “C” batteries which you can exchange anytime with simple store bought batteries.

The pick includes (8) different needle type pick tips, and (2) tips for dimple type locks. (2) tension wrenches, a broken key extractor, high quality carrying case, and a 100V – 240V A/C power adapter are also included. The adapter plug is setup for North American plug types, but with a simple adapter the same charger can be used in other areas of the world regardless of the voltage used in that country. The pick comes with a 90 day warranty. Other features includes, an LED light, adjustable range of motion, logical pick protecting technologies, and several other innovative features.

Don’t get this Electric Pick confused with some of the similar looking electric picks coming from China and Korea. This model is the first to use the gun design and has been on the market long before the forementioned guns came to market.  The Li-ion LEP-203 is meets US standards are we are happy to offer this product to our customers.
90-Day Warranty

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