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LPA Broken Picks Warranty

We have been unofficially replacing broken picks for our customers for years now so we might as well make it public policy.

Broke a lock pick within 2 years of purchasing your lock pick set from us? Send your broken picks to:

PO Box 74
NSW 2165

Include a $1 postage stamp with your broken pick so we can send your replacement pick back to you. Processing time takes approximately 1 to 3 weeks.

Didn’t buy that pick from us? Send it to us anyway and we’ll replace it anyway. The manufacturer rebates us so it doesn’t cost us anything anyway.

One thought on “LPA Broken Picks Warranty

  1. hi wats the prob with peterson gem 0.015 you have been out of stock for 8 weeks or more …
    maybe there fixing the fault with them…
    last one i had last me 2 weeks.

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