Locksport Clubs in Australia

There is only one Locksport chapter in Australia which we also happen to be sponsors of;

If you are starting a Locksport club, contact us at info@lockpicksaustralia.com.au to receive information about free gear, member discount and other sponsorships details.

Make that two! Also come check these guys out over at the Queensland Locksports Society https://www.facebook.com/QueenslandLocksportsSociety/

22 thoughts on “Locksport Clubs in Australia

  1. Hi, my name is Adam, is there any scope to start chapters elsewhere in Australia? In particular Darwin or Adelaide. I am in the ADF and I know a few people who are fairly interested in the art of locksport.

    1. Hey, Adam

      in regards to starting in Darwin I also am in the same situation as yourself and keen to start a chapter up here.

  2. I run a facebook page for Australian lock picking hobbyists. I would like to get people together in Sydney if possible.

    1. If there is a club, group or association in Sydney would you please email their contact details .
      For years whenever it appears in a movie or on TV, y partner always says” I’d love to know how they do that” and I’d like to book a class/lesson as a surprise birthday gift to her.

  3. Hi there I’ve always been interested in lock picking. Basically most mechanical things, I’m a backyard blacksmith and make hi end custom knives, a firearm enthusiast, very. Mechanically minded. I think locks priory is a great idea vice watched hours of YouTube read a tonne of books. I have picks. Pick guns I practice when I can I definitely need to hone my skills but I’d love to get lock sport here In sydney.
    Is there any chance of a chapter in Western Sydney?

    Thanks for your time!
    Dr Dan Mayers

    1. Hi Dan, We are in NSW my partner and I have a GP practice here and would love to join a cub if you set one up, or even a private forum on the internet where we can share experiences, discuss problems and seek advice and also to meet upon the net with people with a similar interest. I joined a similar forum called Nat Div for GPs and it was really great. We all got a lot of advice and enjoyed some (quite heated) debates. All very much tongue in cheek though! We used to have an annual get together with speakers etc . Please consider this option as running a club can be very time consuming. Its a thankless task.
      However the internet forum worked really well. Everything that is sent in is sent to all members and anyone an reply, which can also be seen by everybody. Membership is managed by a list moderator who has the power to kick anyone off the list if they are misbehaving , bullying or being unnecessarily abusive, etc etc. We would be your first members. please consider it – would do it myself but we dont have the IT skills. Warm Wishes Jenny and Chrissy.

  4. Sorry need to add. I was formally in law enforcement, firearm instructor. No criminal history. Involved in community things I raise a lot of funds for charity in particular the Leukeamia foundation. Hold several world firsts in relation to my art background., my doctorate enables me to teach I’m good with people I have no ego. I like helping others and I’d be proud to work on starting a chapter here if you don’t mind. I think it’s just what we need . I could go off and start my own thing but. Family is important even in business. I want to be a part of if Lockport! Locks port Australia. Camden chapter would be great. Also close to voulenteer fire fighters and state emergency seevices. So learning these skills can help us all. I already have some interest just chatting with friends.
    Sorry for the extra message

  5. Wish you guys where in Melbourne



  6. Are there any clubs in Adelaide. Not many people seem interested in this sport now days. Not anybody to talk to about practices and so forth.

  7. Hi my name is John I have been in the security for over 30 years as an officer keys and locks are a major part of my work so lock picking and getting broken keys out of lock sort of go hand in hand

    Bei g part of a lock picking club would be great

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  9. Hey there guys I’m Roy and I’m in sydney, I’d live to start a chapter of lockspor in Sydney NSW, how would I go about this

  10. Or perhaps in Townsville????

  11. hi

    how many keys would say you see 90$ of the time in Australia that cover residential industrial and commercial locks in your career, I’m assuming you’re a locksmith, if not have you compiled a list

  12. Interested to know if there is a club in Perth

  13. I’m looking at starting a local locksports group in my local area in Queensland. What do I need to know to make this happen and keep my backside covered

  14. There’s a QLD wide organisation just starting up in Facebook Called “Queensland Locksports Society “
    We have both a page and a Facebook group, and encourage the formation of smaller local locksports groups all to be linked to out group as linked groups. The plan is to hopefully get to a point where if a member of the Society is traveling they can organise to meet up with others if they wish.

  15. purple monkey dishwasher. I like apples and oneday will pick it from the tree of challenge.
    Good luck to all,

  16. Are there any clubs in Adelaide that you guys know of if not would there be anyone interested in starting one, I am a apprentice locksmith now but have working in the trade for a couple of years and I enjoy picking a lot and talking about lockpicking in general

    1. There is one club, meeting monthly at the City. I wish there was one in the north. Please contact me.

  17. That Brisbane group linked above doesn’t exist? Is there anything in Brisbane NOT ON FACEBOOK? I’ll never use Facebook due to huge security reasons. Is there a website or other non-Facebook online community I could join?

  18. Is there really nothing at all in Melbourne? Anyone interested in starting something down here?

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