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Euro vs. Standard Picks

We get asked this question a lot so we figured it’s time to write something short and sweet about it. Lock picks generally come in two varieties, standard form and euro form.

For comparison, below is a standard short hook.

And this is the euro version of the same pick.

Standard picks were designed for American locks which generally come with wide open keyways and manufactured to lower tolerances. They are made much thicker and are therefore more durable than euro picks. They are also marginally cheaper than euro picks.

Europeans locks are made to higher tolerances and often feature frustratingly small, winding, finicky keyways. The thin euro picks are designed to weave around these tricky keyways.

The locks we have in Australia are more similar to American locks than European ones so standard picks will work just fine over here. I personally prefer to use euro picks because it gives me a lot more room to work inside a lock. In the end it’s all a matter of personal preference. Choose whatever suits you best.

3 thoughts on “Euro vs. Standard Picks

  1. Thanks for the explanation Andrew. I’m a newbie, I only bought my first kit yesterday actually (hasn’t even arrived for me to play with) so posts like these are great . I would absolutely read regular posts if you did them. Hint hint 😉

  2. Im hoping to get my 1st set today (eagles nest from the eagle series) i really hope that will be fine most of the Australian locks. Cant wait.

  3. I have a few Brava oval cyl. and Assa cores converted to training locks and I’ve found the euro pics really handy , the SSDev ones in particular.
    A few without handles and a selection of of 0.015″ are useful tucked in the back of the case, you’ll only need them if they’re not there.
    Most domestic/household stuff is fine with US style picks though (Including Multi-picks which are identical to the Southord picks with the same patterns) .

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