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Customise your SouthOrd set

We are adding the ability to select which lock picks can be added to your SouthOrd set. This is all starting with the SouthOrd C500: An extra 20% admin fee and 1 day processing time is added to all customised sets.

2 thoughts on “Customise your SouthOrd set

  1. Hey guys,
    Your a fantastic firm to work with!
    When do you think you will get the double set of clear practise locks, or do you feel that the single one will suffice?

    Cheers cam

  2. I should of paid attention because I’ve just ordered several individual picks without a case. This is a very good idea as people can order what they want for specific setup kits or to replace lost/damaged ones. If you add the ability to buy cases as individual items as well, you are on a winner.

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