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What Are Bump Keys?

Bump keys, like lock picks, are a tool locksmiths use to open a lock without a key. To use a bump key, a locksmith inserts a bump key into a lock, pulls the bump key out by the length of one pin and then strikes the base of the key with a bump hammer while maintaining rotational pressure on the key. Just like lock picking, the bumping action lift all the locks driver pins above the shear line allowing a locksmith to turn the lock open.

lock bump key bumping attack animation 1lock bump key bumping attack animation 2


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4 thoughts on “What Are Bump Keys?

  1. Hi there, I’m from Melbourne Australia. I am building and the only day I can get down to see my house is on the weekend. Unfortunately there are no tradies to let me in, as the house is at lockup stage. I own the block of land. I’m building with Simonds homes. What would be the best lock pick to use to get in and look around? As you can imagine, I’m excited to see each stage. I think the builders have a master key. What do you suggest?

  2. Do you have a bump key for sale to suit the Lockwood 334 Series padlock ?

  3. I am currently doing a locksmithing course and would like to know more about the type of tools that are the most effective.

  4. Bump keys are really cool and we use them on some of our own projects. For anyone interested in locksmithing, I suggest doing some more research and finding out more about bump keys, they really are an amazing bit of kit!

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